Kids Draw the Occupation: Part One.

On Sunday we had the pleasure of spending our morning with a class of grade two students from one of the schools in Azzun Atma, a village where we monitor access to education. We explained to the students that in January, my team mates and I will all be going back to our home countries and that we’ll be trying to tell the story of what we’ve seen here in Palestine.  We asked if they would be willing to draw some pictures about life in Azzun Atma, to help us tell the story. The photos that follow are some of the drawings we received, pieces of the stories of some 7 and 8 year olds who live and go to school in Palestine.


3 thoughts on “Kids Draw the Occupation: Part One.

  1. I am really enjoying your blog. You really give a human face to events. I have shared it with others who are also following you now. Happy Birthday. Sheri Selway – a friend of Thom and Lynn


  2. Hi Zoe. Your presence in Palestine was just discovered by the folks at St. Luke’s and Trinity in Sudbury (thanks to Marg Conibear), and the link to your blog has been sent to all who receive Rev. Erin’s weekly e-mail, which is almost everyone in our two congregations! I’ve just finished reading your stories, looking at the pictures and watching the videos – you’ve done a wonderful job of putting a human face to a conflict that most of us can’t and will never understand. Please know that I, along with others here up North are praying for you and those you are helping to protect. You are a brave young lady and an true inspiration 🙂

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