Impending Demolitions in Hajja.

On Tuesday we visited the village of Hajja a few days after at least 5 demolition orders were delivered by Israeli soldiers to local families. Amongst the buildings set to be demolished are a local wedding hall, a furniture factory that employs 45 people, and several family homes. Part of Hajja, along with over 60 percent of  land in the West Bank, is located in Area C (UNOCHA). This means that the land is under full Israeli civil and military control. According to Israeli authorities, when buildings are demolished in Area C it is because the owner was not granted the proper permits to build on the land. According to UNOCHA,  it is almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain permits to build in Area C. So far in 2014, 548 Palestinian structures have been demolished leaving 1,230 people displaced (UNOCHA).

The Masalha family wedding hall.

The Masalha family wedding hall.

Bilal Nur al-Deen in his family’s wedding hall, set to be demolished.

The Alawi family furniture factory, which employs 45 local people: Under demolition order.

Chairs in the Alawi family’s factory.

Motassem Alawi and his son Abdel Rahim in their family’s furniture factory, set to be demolished.




One thought on “Impending Demolitions in Hajja.

  1. I can’t help but draw a parallel between that last photo and the story of a certain carpentry father-and-son team. And now it is to be demolished, because of an occupying force and the lack of an impossible-to-get permit. This can’t be God’s will.


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