A Village Surrounded By A Wall.

Azzun Atma is a Palestinian village of 2000-3000 people, entirely surrounded by the separation barrier and four Israeli settlements. We go to Azzun Atma a few times a week to monitor the checkpoint at the entrance of the village, where about 90 children and 40 teachers pass each day to get to school, as well as a workers checkpoint at the other end of the village used by those crossing to work in Israel. No Palestinians are allowed inside of Azzun Atma unless they have a proper permit saying that they live in the village or go to school there. The boy’s school in the village sits right up against the separation barrier, overhung by Sha’ara Tiqwa settlement, Hebrew for “Gates of Hope”. Today we met with the headmaster of the boy’s school who told us that once or twice a month the settlement releases their sewage into the school yard where the children play.

Houses in Sha'ara Tiqwa settlement overlooking Azzun Atma.

Houses in Sha’ara Tiqwa settlement overlooking Azzun Atma.

Security fence?

Sha’ara Tiqwa settlement behind the barrier.

Children passing through the military check point to go to school.

Workers trying to get to work.

Azzun Atma Boys School, with Sha’ara Tiqwa settlement sitting above.




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